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The Buzz

I have told so many that that was not only the best Sunday school teacher training I’ve ever been to but as a public school teacher there was so much I could apply in class. The real hands on ready to go ideas were so practical. Thanks again and keep doing what you are doing –YOU are a blessing! Really love the brain research stuff too!
I was just at the Kid’s Ministry Conference in Nashville, and attended your workshop on teaching children to pray. Thank you. And because you and your ministry interested me, I went to your website and watched the video segment on the importance of children’s ministry. Thank you. You have given me a lot to think about – how I prioritize the work I do, how to engage our congregation and get them more involved, and of course, some very practical suggestions for activities with our kids. I just felt compelled to tell you that and again, say, thank you.
Traci Billman, Director of Children’s Ministry—St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
Thank you so very much, Mrs. Houser! I can’t wait to share with the other teachers at our school. I have been already implementing some of your ideas with our little boy and he has latched on to them. He especially likes praying with the crayons. He grabs one and jumps in bed each night and says lets pray for this color. It has changed our prayer time and the respect he shows for prayer. It makes my heart smile. Thank you for sharing the wonderful treasures of knowledge and faith God has placed in your heart.  Much love and many thanks!
Rebecca Green, Music Teacher—Asbury Methodist Day School
Everyone was so amazed at the presentations you provided for our conference. The grade us sheets reflected that everyone’s expectations were met and greatly exceeded. Thank you for your heart and dedication to the Lord’s work. Our teachers are more enthused than ever.
Tim Wells, Associate Pastor—Mount Zion Baptist Church
I finally got around to seriously looking at your Fun Family Devotion. All I can say is Fantastic… just the way kids and new Christians should have the Bible presented to them. Reads like magic… If I had kids at home, this would be a daily requirement.
Rev. Dan Harman, Retired Pastor, Author and Book Editor
I really enjoyed the workshop and got so many great ideas. You are such a joy to listen to and your energy is contagious! (I could hardly sleep that first night!) Our team left encouraged and excited.
Tammy Jones, Cover Creek Baptist Church
I appreciated your presentation very much!!!  You kept me on the edge of my seat all thru the seminar – with ears opened wide, eyes popping out and jaw dropping – and that was amazing, considering that I’ve got less than an hour of sleep the previous night.  I’m very excited to share the new revelations with my team.
Natalia Gramada
Just wanted to say Thank You for the awesome sessions you provided at CPC Orlando! I enjoyed them very much. I have a 6 and 8 year old at home who love the prayer shall! I took my Delta Airlines blanket home with me, wrapped up my children before bed and was amazed at the experience. Every night they ask for the prayer blanket and they pray for someone and then I pray for them. I’m implementing your fabulous ideas with my own kids and we all are having a blessed time together! Thank you to opening my eyes on how to teach kids about Christ in every way.
Melissa Shiels
My wife and I attended your evening session on Friday and we just want to thank you for what you shared with us. You gave us some great ideas and we had a wonderful time hearing what you had to say. You have a gift and its wonderful to see someone with so much enthusiasm putting it to such a wonderful use. Thank you for such an entertaining and informational experience!
Jared O'Neill